Your travel companion for download before driving on the main roads in Wallonia

dwige is...

The new travel services application for users of the motorways and main roads in Wallonia. It notably replaces the emergency phone terminals which are no longer operational.

A wide range of features!

Phantom driver

Edwige will help if you run into trouble! Use Edwige if you break down, if you encounter a phantom driver or in case of any other incident (object on the road, animals present, vehicle on fire, etc)!
The application will put you straight through to the traffic management centre able to provide help quickly.

Regardless of your language, written exchange with the operator is possible (automatic translation system in both directions).

If you are not driving on roads covered by the Edwige app, you will be redirected to 112 in the event of an emergency.

Edwige is also the centralisation of travel services (traffic info via, roadworks via , etc) which will be further expanded.

Find here the most frequently asked questions about the Edwige application.
More effective
Less congestion

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